PolyOne-Wilflex EPIC Non-Phthalate PFX Ready-For-Use Color Matching System




SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

Wilflex Epic series ink is a non-phthalate, plastisol screen-printing ink for apparel. The inks have been specially formulated by PolyOne to provide textile printers with the same application parameters as a conventional vinyl plastisol ink system, without having to change any of the standards associated with printing equipment, dryers, or print application methods.


  • Epic metallic inks are highly opaque and in many cases can be printed without a separate underbase screen
  • Epic inks are formulated for easy printing on both manual and automatic presses
  • Epic inks can be printed and cured at comparable speeds with equivalent Wilflex Classic plastisol inks
  • No special setups, screens or printing adjustments are required
  • Easily adaptable for various applications with faster setup times

Product Disclaimer

Ink swatch colors are designed to help ordering and are an approximation only and should not be used for color matching.

Item numbers available:

PFX1188804, PFX1188805, PFX1988804, PFX1988805, PFX3888804, PFX3888805, PFX4888804, PFX4888805, PFX4888904, PFX4888905, PFX5888804, PFX5888805, PFX6888804, PFX6888805, PFX6888904, PFX6888905, PFX7888804, PFX7888805, PFX8888804, PFX8888805, PFX9888004, PFX9888005, PFX9888404, PFX9888405, PFX9888504, PFX9888505, PFX9888604, PFX9888605, PFX9888804, PFX9888805

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