Avient EPIC Non-Phthalate PFX Ready-For-Use Color Matching System




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Wilflex Epic Ink for Screen-Printing

Wilflex Epic series ink is a non-phthalate, plastisol screen-printing ink for apparel. The inks have been specially formulated by PolyOne to provide textile printers with the same application parameters as a conventional vinyl plastisol ink system, without having to change any of the standards associated with printing equipment, dryers, or print application methods.

PolyOne-Wilflex EPIC Inks: PFX Ready-For-Use Color Matching Features:

  • Epic metallic inks are highly opaque and in many cases can be printed without a separate underbase screen
  • Epic inks are formulated for easy printing on both manual and automatic presses
  • Epic inks can be printed and cured at comparable speeds with equivalent Wilflex Classic plastisol inks
  • No special setups, screens or printing adjustments are required
  • Easily adaptable for various applications with faster setup times

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Product Disclaimer

Ink swatch colors are designed to help ordering and are an approximation only and should not be used for color matching.

Item numbers available:

PFX1188804, PFX1188805, PFX1988804, PFX1988805, PFX3888804, PFX3888805, PFX4888804, PFX4888805, PFX4888904, PFX4888905, PFX5888804, PFX5888805, PFX6888804, PFX6888805, PFX6888904, PFX6888905, PFX7888804, PFX7888805, PFX8888804, PFX8888805, PFX9888004, PFX9888005, PFX9888404, PFX9888405, PFX9888504, PFX9888505, PFX9888604, PFX9888605, PFX9888804, PFX9888805

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