Avient Oasis Waterbase Inks - Bleed Blocker Black



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Wilflex Oasis Bleed Blocker Black is a water-based ink formulated to help control dye migration on 100% polyester, poly/synthetic blends, cotton/poly blends and 100% cotton fabrics. Oasis Bleed Blocker Black offers excellent bleed resistance and superior printability for high production environments.


  • Can be used with Oasis Hydrate Inks.
  • Overprint with Hydrate base and colors to prevent dye migration.
  • High performance, bleed resistant technology.
  • Flashes dry and fast.
  • Smooth, matte surface with minimal tack.
  • Works on a variety of fabrics.
  • Good flow properties optimized for high speed production.

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NOASIS19000K120, NOASIS19000K20, NOASIS19000K4

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