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SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

Capillex film is highly recommended for use on fine meshes (305 tpi and higher) with UV-curable inks. The combination of fine mesh and low stencil profile produces the fine detail and thin ink deposits required for high quality printing with UV ink. Capillex 18 can also be used with solvent-based and plastisol inks. Do not use with inks containing water.

Capillex 25 is a great choice for a wide range of screen printing applications that call for a high resolution stencil with excellent printed edge definition. Use it on mesh counts of 255-355 threads per inch, with solvent-based, UV-curable and plastisol ink systems. Capillex 25 is an outstanding and reliable stencil film that is also easy to reclaim.

Capillex 30 offers superior solvent resistance as well as excellent image resolution and printed edge definition. The SBQ photopolymer formulation offers extremely fast photographic exposure speed, yet Capillex 30 has excellent exposure latitude, tolerating some under- or overexposure without adversely affecting stencil quality. Use on mesh counts of 230-355 with solvent-based or plastisol inks.

Capillex 35 is an excellent all-purpose stencil film for use with solvent-based and plastisol inks on mesh counts ranging from 180-280 threads per inch. Capillex 35 is very solvent resistant and offers excellent image resolution and printed edge definition for jobs where medium mesh counts are used.

When a job calls for coarser mesh counts in the 90-230 tpi range, Capillex 50 offers superior print definition, abrasion resistance and excellent image resolution. Capillex 50 is also very resistant to solvents and humidity.


  • POP graphics and displays
  • Medium range halftones (~ 65 lpi)
  • Garments
  • Containers
  • Plastic sheet goods and vinyl binders
  • Nameplates, fascia panels, membrane switch overlays
  • Decals: ceramic and pressure sensitive
  • Printed circuit board legends

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Custom size sheets are available. Call 800-573-5713 for more information.

Item numbers available:

CAP1824X394, CAP1841X394, CAP1848X394, CAP2524X394, CAP2541X394, CAP2548X394, CAP3024X394, CAP3524X394, CAP3541X394, CAP3548X394, CAPCX24X394, CAPCX41X394

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