M&R Renegade XL Flatbed Graphic Press

Renegade XL is the extended version of M&R's innovative line of flatbed graphic presses. By allowing operators to add additional pressure to the center of the squeegee and floodbar with two independently controlled center cylinders, Renegade XL helps ensure uniform pressure across the length of the squeegee. Standard features include Job Recall, which allows operators to store settings like peel ratio, dwell time, and start and duration times for blowback and vacuum. These settings can be recalled later for repeat jobs or for any jobs requiring similar settings significantly reducing setup times. Renegades deliver superb print quality on virtually all substrates, including posters, banners, vinyl, fleet-marking, glass, metal, and display panels.


Colors: 1

Print Size: 46” x 68” to 52” x 120”

Screen Size: 68” x 88” to 74” x 142”

Vacuum Bed: 62” x 84” to 67” x 136"

Air: 100 PSI, 8 CFM



* CE & UL Compliant: Safe consistent construction

* Ink Dip System: More Up-time

* Detachable master frame: Ease of access

* Job Recall: Store job settings for fast set-up

* Synchronized peel: Consistency and Repeatability

* 1 Year Limited Warranty

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