Wilflex Epic Non-Phthalate Plastisol Viscosity Buster Additive

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Wilflex EPIC Viscosity Buster - Product Details

The PolyOne Wilflex EPIC Viscosity Buster is part of a complete system manufactured with non-phthalates inks. With additions of just 1-3% by weight, it will de-tack and improve the flow properties of finished ink. This additive is very efficient in small amounts – do not use more than 3% by weight. Will not affect Bleed Resistance or opacity when used as directed.

Benefits of Wilflex EPIC Viscosity Buster

  • Universal additive is the best way to improve flow without changing ink properties.
  • Highly effective with only 1-3% additions by weight.
  • Manufactured without phthalates
  • Excellent high speed wet-on-wet printing

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PFX1002504, PFX1002505

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