Wilflex EPIC Non-Phthalate Plastisol - 11000 Brittle White



SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

Wilflex Epic Brittle Inks are specially formulated non-phthalate inks that have the ability to easily fracture and crack when pressure is applied to the ink surface. Distorting the surface through bending or stretching causes the ink to crack and fracture. Epic Brittle inks have a worn, tough finish that can resemble cracked paint or distressed appearance.

Wilflex Epic HD Sharp Clear is a non-phthalate special effect clear developed to create high resolution graphics with sharp detail. Epic HD Sharp Clear can be used in high density applications or blended with other texture inks to create unique effects.

See Technical Data Sheet for detailed information and use instructions.

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PFXBB1100004, PFXBB1100005

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