International Coatings 9000 Series Direct Print Nylon Plastisol Inks




SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

A fast-flashing, two-part plastisol-based ink formulated for printing on normally hard-to-print nylon. Simulates PANTONE® colors for light and dark nylon fabrics. Well suited for fine detail and halftone printing. Use on nylon, cotton, polyester and cotton/polyester blends.


  • Mesh: 110 to 305 t/in or 43 to 120 t/cm monofilament
  • Emulsion: Any direct or indirect lacquer resistant emulsion. Use 20 to 30 micron capillary film and retensionable frames at 20 to 40 Newtons.
  • Squeegee: 65-70 Single Durometer, or 60-90-60 or 70-90-70 Triple Durometer, Sharp edge
  • Cure Temp: 285°F to 325°F (141°C to 163°C). NOTE: When curing/fusing at lower temperatures, a longer retention time will be required for the entire ink film to reach the prescribed temperature.

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IC9201LF04, IC9202LF04, IC9202LF05, IC9204LF04, IC9206LF04, IC9206LF05, IC9208LF04, IC9214LF03, IC9214LF04, IC9216LF04, IC9216LF05, IC9218LF04, IC9220LF04, IC9220LF05, IC9222LF04, IC9224LF04, IC9224LF05, IC9226LF04, IC9228LF04, IC9228LF05

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