Kiwo Liquid Haze Remover



SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

Kiwo Haze Remover Liquid

A liquid haze remover for most ink stains and emulsion residues on the screen. It should be coated or brushed onto a dried screen and re-dried; then reactivated with one of KIWO's ink wash products to enhance cleaning on stubborn ink stains. Activated with Ultimate Ink Wash, Excel Ink Wash, Ink Wash, and Low VOC Ink Wash.

Kiwo Haze Remover Liquid Physical Data

  • Color: pale yellow-green/milky white
  • Consistency: Liquid
  • Shelf life: 6 months at 68º Fahrenheit
  • (20º Celsius)
  • Flash point: n/a
  • TLV: 1.5 mg/m3 Sodium Hypochloride 2 mg/m3 ceiling Sodiumhydroxide
  • VOC: none
  • Vapor Pressure: n/a
  • HMIS rating: Health - 2, Flammability - 0, Reactivity - 1

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