Kiwo PolyPlus Z Blue Dual Cure Emulsion



SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

KiwoCol PolyPlus Z is KIWO's newest diazo-photopolymer emulsion. This 40% solids content emulsion utilizes the latest in raw material technology to blend superb resolution with economy. PolyPlus Z is UV, solvent and plastisol resistant and is formulated for smooth easy coating. Its low tack surface provides less squeegee drag as well as improved ink release and screen peel characteristics.


  • COLOR Unsensitized: blue Sensitized: green
  • VISCOSITY Approx. 7.000 mPas (DIN 53019, D = 100 s-1)
  • HEALTH HAZARDS/ Please follow further information given in the material safety data sheet.
  • STORAGE Unsensitized: 1 year (at 68° - 77°F, 20 - 25°C). Protect against freezing.
  • Sensitized: Approximately 6 weeks (at 68° - 77°F, 20 - 25°C)
  • Screens coated in advance: approx. 4 weeks (at 68° - 77°F, 20 - 25°C and in complete darkness).

With longer storage of pre-coated screens, the emulsion can absorb humidity from the environment, therefore it is recommended to dry again just prior to exposing the screen.

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Product should not be frozen.

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KW21343747, KW21343940, KW21343951

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