Chromaline Pro/Cap Capillary Photostencil Film








SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

Pro/Cap pre-sensitized capillary direct films are for screen makers demanding high edge definition and reliable durability at a price value. Pro/Cap is highly recommended for solvent-based, UV and plastisol inks.


* Pro/Cap capillary films are available in 15, 18, 25, 30, 38 and 50 micron film thicknesses

* Available in roll or cut sheets

* Pro/Cap 15 (0.6 mil/15mm) Primarily UV printing and fine halftones. 390 & finer mesh recommended.

* Pro/Cap 18 (0.7 mil/18mm) Standard UV printing, halftones and delicate line work. 390 & finer mesh recommended.

* Pro/Cap 25 (1 mil/25mm) Large dot halftones, fine graphics / decals, heavier deposit UV printing. 305 & finer mesh recommended.

* Pro/Cap 38 (1.5 mil/38mm) General graphics printing, soft hand textile and halftones in textiles. 200 - 305 mesh recommended.

* Pro/Cap 50 (2 mil/50mm) General textile printing, solder mask for circuit boards, specialty graphics. 200 & coarser mesh recommended.

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Please note: Custom sized sheets available. Please call customer service at 888-578-5713 for a quote.

Item numbers available:

PC1826X30, PC1852X20, PC2526X30, PC2552X20, PC3826X30, PC3852X20, PC5026X30

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