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Plei-Tech 22 Dual Durometer (SED) squeegee is designed and developed to provide both a rigid durometer (90A) for support and a softer durometer (60A or 70A) for ink deposit. The dual durometer combination provides a fully supported squeegee that does not flex or roll over with excellent ink shear, and a softer print edge which allows for good ink deposit. Available in 144" roll or by the inch.

All of Pleiger’s squeegee blades are MADE IN THE USA at the Washington, PA location. Pleiger Plastics Company has been an innovative and leading manufacturer of high performance Plei-Tech polyurethane screen printing squeegees since 1988. Plei-Tech compounds are custom formulated to achieve high solvent resistance and excellent abrasion resistance. This combination results in a squeegee blade that will better maintain its durometer when subjected to inks and solvents, show minimal swelling during the print run, and retain its sharp edge longer. This allows for continued quality during the screen print run, thereby increasing productivity.

Available in 144" roll or by the inch.

Please see the Pleiger Technical Documents in the Downloads Section for detailed information.

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