MagnaColours MagnaPrint Inks - Eco Pigments




SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

Tint and color your MagnaPrint Discharge ULF, AB AW system, AdvancePrint TDB Range and MagnaPrint ND Extra systems with MagnaPrint Eco Pigments.

See Technical Data Sheet for detailed information and use instructions.

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Product Disclaimer

Ink swatch colors are designed to help ordering and are an approximation only and should not be used for color matching.

Item numbers available:

MCG5757K1, MCG5757K30, MCG5757K5, MCP205K1, MCP205K30, MCP205K5, MCP210K1, MCP210K30, MCP210K5, MCP220K1, MCP220K30, MCP220K5, MCP225K1, MCP225K30, MCP225K5, MCP245K1, MCP245K30, MCP245K5, MCP6124K1, MCP6124K30, MCP6124K5, MCP6125K1, MCP6125K30, MCP6125K5, MCP6126K1, MCP6126K30, MCP6126K5, MCP6127K1, MCP6127K30, MCP6127K5, MCP620K1, MCP620K30, MCP620K5, MCP6220K1, MCP6220K30, MCP6220K5, MCP625K1, MCP625K30, MCP625K5, MCP630K1, MCP630K30, MCP630K5, MCP635K1, MCP635K30, MCP635K5, MCP640K1, MCP640K30, MCP640K5, MCP645K1, MCP645K30, MCP645K5, MCP815K1, MCP815K30, MCP815K5, MCP902K1, MCP902K30, MCP902K5, MCP904K1, MCP904K30, MCP904K5, MCP908K1, MCP908K30, MCP908K5, MCP918AK1, MCP918AK30, MCP918AK5, MCP920AK1, MCP920AK30, MCP920AK5, MCP955A30K1, MCP955A30K30, MCP955A30K5, MCP962K1, MCP962K30, MCP962K5

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