ImageStar IMS201 Premium Screen Wash



SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

Premium Graphic Screen Wash was designed to be the best wash up product for hard to remove solvent inks like epoxy, polyester, and catalyzed 2-part inks. This solvent and surfactant mixture keeps the ink in a wet state prior to removal with a high pressure spray. It can be re-applied again after emulsion is removed to eliminate any additional stains. Not recommended for use with pure photopolymer emulsions.


  • It is important to use these products after any fast evaporating press wash to re-wet the screen and allow the water to penetrate the ink residue
  • Remove all excess ink from the screen.
  • Apply product to both sides of the screen with a brush, spray bottle, rag or by using the ImageStar Chemical Delivery Spray System.
  • Power wash any residue and ink off the screen.
  • The screen may now be stored or reclaimed using ImageStar stencil remover.
  • If ink or ghost haze stains remain in the mesh, a second application of screen wash will sometimes remove stains and eliminate the need for ghost haze remover. If stains remain after a second application, ghost haze remover will be necessary for removal.

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IMS20104, IMS20105, IMS20155

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