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SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

3820 PF Flock Adhesive is Non-Phthalate (NP) and was developed in response to customer demand to provide them with a strong flock adhesive that cures into a soft, elastic, pliable print.


  • Used to produce high quality flock prints
  • Provides excellent adhesion to most flock fibers
  • Produces a very soft and flexible flock print when the product is properly printed and cured
  • Prints smoothly, holds flock fibers firmly, yet cures to a flexible, full-bodied print
  • "Short” body allows a thick deposit to be printed easily for flocking


  • Mesh: 86-110 t/in or 33-43 t/cm monofilament
  • Emulsion: Any direct or indirect solvent resistant emulsion or capillary film
  • Squeegee: 60-70 Single Durometer, or 60-90-60 or 70-90-70 Triple Durometer, Sharp edge
  • Cure Temp: 325°F (163°C) entire ink film. Since plastisols do not air dry, they must be fused with an appropriate heat source in order to achieve durability. The optimum time/temperature cycle will vary with the amount of ink deposited, fabric and the type of heat source used.

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