The Bucket Scoop Gator Grip Grande Spreaders



Gator Grip Spreaders, 3" x 6", Pack of 6

The new Gator-Grip is a clean-up tool for delicate screens and squeegees that is designed to help keep surfaces and the printer’s hands clean!

The wing nut acts like "feet" that keep the mess off of surfaces and make the Gator-Grip handle easy to pick up.

Designed with you in mind:

* The sturdy aluminum handle keeps hands clean.

* The wing nut acts like "feet" to keep the messy spreader off of surfaces.

* Easy to remove spreader makes cleaning easier.

* Save TIME

* Save INK

* Save MONEY $$$

* AND, the Gator-Grip is great for the application of vinyl sign decals! Rub the air out with a comfortable and secure grip.

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