M&R Saturn Platinum II Flatbed Graphic Press

Saturn Platinum II sets the standard for high tolerance printing in a compact press, with a level of control and quality normally found only in large, expensive presses. It's ideal for applications where absolute precision is critical, delivering exceptional results on circuit boards, nameplates, panels, backlit graphics, flexible membrane switches, glass, ceramics, and four-color halftone printing. Saturn Platinum II uses separate motors for lift/lower and print/flood. The variable frequency AC electric drive motors are brushless and maintenance free. Saturn Platinum II's heavy-duty, chatter-free design and flat metal-alloy vacuum bed provide the rigidity and stability necessary for high-quality prints and long press life.


Colors: 1

Print Size: 15” x 26” to 30” x 41”

Screen Size: 32” x 38” to 47” x 53”

Vacuum Bed: 26” x 32” to 41” x 45.5"

Air: 100 PSI, 3 CFM



* CE & UL Compliant: Safe consistent construction

* Ink Dip System: More Up-time

* Detachable master frame: Ease of access

* Pre-wired for Take-Off: Easily upgradable

* Synchronized peel: Consistency and Repeatability

* 1 Year Limited Warranty

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