Alkemi Plus 9000 HB Emulsion



SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

Textile-grade, durable photopolymer. Rapid exposure, high reliability. Resistant to plastisol, silicone ink. 48% solids, bright red in color.

A red pigmented, one pot photopolymer screen printing emulsion, this product was formulated specifically for the use with plastisol inks only. PLUS 9000 is a fast exposing emulsion with high solids of 47% so it can be multi-coated for ultra-thick stencils, making it ideal for hi-density printing.


  • Eliminates the need to sensitize prior to use
  • Reduced drag on the coating trough enables faster and smoother coating with less effort
  • Significant time savings for large volume shops and where weak light sources are used
  • Fewer coats yield the desired stencil thickness, even on coarse meshes. Compared to other SBQ-based emulsions, Yields as much as 25-50% higher stencil build with the same number of coats (depending on mesh count).
  • Forgiving to as much as 25% overexposure, an important feature for such a fast exposing emulsion
  • Even at optimum exposure, fine lines (100-micron) can be resolved and printed

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Product should not be frozen.

Item numbers available:

P900020L, P90004L

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