International Coatings 7500 Series UltraMix Color Concentrates




SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

UltraMix 7500 Series Color Concentrates (CC) consists of 19 non-phthalate, semi-curable pigment concentrates that can be used to strengthen, shade, tint or enhance other International Coatings' inks.

Create special or standard colors by mixing the 7500 color concentrates with appropriate International Coatings' bases.


  • High Performance, Low Bleed (LB) plastisol formulated for Ultra high speed wet-on-wet automatic printing
  • Very creamy and short bodied ink with low tack, and for ease of printing, a greatly improved shear
  • Well suited for fine detail and halftone printing using finer mesh counts
  • Faster production speeds with less pressure, and extremely resistant to ink build-up


  • Mesh: 110 to 305 t/in or 43 to 120 t/cm Monofilament
  • Emulsion: Any direct or indirect lacquer resistant emulsion. Use 35 to 70 micron capillary film for best results.
  • Squeegee: 60-70 Single Durometer, or 60-90-60 or 70-90-70 Triple Durometer, Sharp Edge
  • Cure Temp: 325° (163°C) Entire ink film

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IC7553NP03, IC7553NP04, IC7553NP05, IC7555NP03, IC7555NP04, IC7555NP05, IC7557NP03, IC7557NP04, IC7557NP05, IC7559NP03, IC7559NP04, IC7559NP05, IC7561NP03, IC7561NP04, IC7561NP05, IC7563NP03, IC7563NP04, IC7563NP05, IC7565NP03, IC7565NP04, IC7565NP05, IC7567NP03, IC7567NP04, IC7567NP05, IC7569NP03, IC7569NP04, IC7569NP05, IC7571NP03, IC7571NP04, IC7571NP05, IC7573NP03, IC7573NP04, IC7573NP05, IC7575NP03, IC7575NP04, IC7575NP05, IC7577NP03, IC7577NP04, IC7577NP05, IC7579NP03, IC7579NP04, IC7579NP05, IC7581NP03, IC7581NP04, IC7581NP05, IC7583NP03, IC7583NP04, IC7583NP05, IC7585NP03, IC7585NP04, IC7585NP05, IC7586NP03, IC7586NP04, IC7586NP05, IC7588NP03, IC7588NP04, IC7588NP05

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