Kiwo On-Press Cleaner with Citrus



SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

On-Press Cleaner with Citrus is a highly effective quick evaporating solvent mixture that does not leave any residue after drying. It is formulated for cleaning the screen on press when an ink change takes place or as a screen opener. It can also be used to remove residue from slower evaporating solvents. The flashpoint and vapor pressure are balanced to allow for fast drying and modest odor.


Color: Colorless

Consistency: Liquid

Shelf Life: 1 year at 68º Fahrenheit (20º Celsius)

Flash Point: 107º Fahrenheit (42º Celsius)

TLV: 100 ppm Naphtha solvent

VOC: 7.56 lbs/gal, 908 g/liter

Vapor Pressure: < 10 mm/Hg at 20º C

HMIS rating: Health - 2, Flammability - 2, Reactivity - 0

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KW23237511, KW23240518

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