Geo Knight Digital Combo Heat Presses

The Digital Combo is a multi-purpose swing-away heat press. This fully digital 14" x 16" swing-away press boasts all of the digital features of the DK20S digital swinger. The popular success of the Digital Combo lies in its instantly interchangeable (under 1 minute change-out time and hot swappable!) system of heat platens and tables.

Available for this one press is every attachment necessary to professionally imprint T-Shirts, Caps, Plates, Tiles, Mugs, Memo Cubes, Miscellaneous Plastics, Woods, Metals, Fabrics and much more. The interchangeability is performed quickly and safely... and YES! the attachments work as good as or better than stand-alone presses! If your products range beyond just flat & fabric items, the Digital Combo is the most versatile machinery solution.


* Includes Digital Temperature, Time, and a Digital Pressure Bar Graph, as well as programmable presets, dual prepress timer, adjustable alarms and a host of other digital features

* Solid steel welded framework

* SuperCoil-Microwinding heater technology

* Carries the same warranties as the Digital Knight line of presses

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