Kiwo i-Jet2 Computer-To-Screen Imaging System

The KIWO i-Jet2 is the impressive result of combining a decade of experience in Computer-To-Screen imaging with more than two decades of experience in systems integration of ink-jet technology.

Based on the same ink-jet technology used in the highly successful KIWO i-Jet we have introduced a host of new components and enhancements. The new KIWO i-Jet2 offers highest image quality, unsurpassed reliability, fastest imaging speed and unrivaled support systems.

Perfect for the smaller textile shop that makes only a few screens per day. It is equally suited for the industrial garment printer imaging hundreds of screens per shift or the medium format graphic printer.

The KIWO i-Jet2 is designed to fulfill all of the important requirements for the "mission-critical" role CTS plays in the production environment. User friendliness, system up-time and quick Return-On-Investment are just some areas where the systems excels.

Max Frame Size: 30" x 38" (Model 2536), 48" x 60" (Model XL)

Maximum Image Size: 24" x 32" (Model 2536), 40" x 50" (Model XL)

Maximum Frame Profile: 1 5/8" (Model 2536), 2 1/4" (Model XL)

Image Resolution 500 dpi, 600 dpi, 700 dpi

Imaging Technology: Piezo 256 Nozzles - Wax

Imaging Speed: > 1 sqft / min

R.I.P.: Harlequin

Computer Interface: Ethernet

Data Format: TIFF

Registration Systems: Tri-Loc, Newman, MHM

Power Supply: 110 v / 10 amp

Compressed Air: 6bar / 100 psi/ .1 gal/min

Ambient Conditions 45% - 75% relative humidity, 60 - 80 F

Size: 54" x 36" x 79" (Model 2536), 88" x 32" x 91" (Model XL)

Weight: 800 lbs (Model 800), 950 lbs (Model XL)

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