PolyOne-Wilflex Epic Non-Phthalate Plastisol Inks - Top Score Standard Colors




SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

Wilflex Top Score: Low Cure Temperature Plastisol Ink

Wilflex Epic Top Score Colors is a series of premixed athletic colors designed to meet the changing demands in the athletic market by delivering a solution for printing on polyester substrates that require low cure temperature.

Wilflex Top Score Compliance:

  • Non-phthalate
  • Compliant with CPSIA 2008 (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) Section 101, Lead Content in Substrates (<300 ppm lead) 16 CFR, Part 1303, Lead in Paint (<90 ppm lead) and CPSIA 2008, Section 108, Phthalates (<.1% DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP, DNOP)
  • Epic Series - Eco-Passport Certified (Oeko-Tex)

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Product Disclaimer

Ink swatch colors are designed to help ordering and are an approximation only and should not be used for color matching.

Item numbers available:

LBFF1460003, LBFF1460004, LBFF1460005, LBFF1535003, LBFF1535004, LBFF1535005, LBFF1900003, LBFF1900004, LBFF1900005, LBFF2010003, LBFF2010004, LBFF2010005, LBFF3015003, LBFF3015004, LBFF3015005, LBFF3020003, LBFF3020004, LBFF3020005, LBFF3060003, LBFF3060004, LBFF3060005, LBFF3085003, LBFF3085004, LBFF3085005, LBFF4185003, LBFF4185004, LBFF4185005, LBFF4300003, LBFF4300004, LBFF4300005, LBFF4450003, LBFF4450004, LBFF4450005, LBFF5715003, LBFF5715004, LBFF5715005, LBFF6050003, LBFF6050004, LBFF6050005, LBFF6210003, LBFF6210004, LBFF6210005, LBFF6650003, LBFF6650004, LBFF6650005, LBFF6785003, LBFF6785004, LBFF6785005, LBFF7000003, LBFF7000004, LBFF7000005, LBFF7020003, LBFF7020004, LBFF7020005, LBFF8000003, LBFF8000004, LBFF8000005, LBFF8050003, LBFF8050004, LBFF8050005, LBFF8678003, LBFF8678004, LBFF8678005

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