M&R TriLoc Carrier Sheets - 11" x 20"



Triloc Carier Sheets, 11" x 20"

No other registration system offers the ease of use and accuracy of Tri-Loc and Double Tri-Loc, M&R's revolutionary Rapid Registration Systems.

Tri-Loc Carrier Sheets are used to quickly attach imaged films to frames saving registration time at the press.

Step by Step:

1. Mount the Tri-Loc master registration frame directly on the exposure unit. Film positives are mounted on M&R Tri-Loc Carrier Sheets, then placed on a pin bar positioned on the master registration frame.

2. The screen is aligned on the Tri-Loc master registration frame. Three stop points assure that the screen and film are precisely and tightly locked into the desired position during vacuum pull-down.

3. The lightweight on-press registration pallet is placed on an M&R press. The registration pallet's three stop points precisely duplicate the registration from the master registration frame.

4. The operator simply raises the press carousel, pulls the screen into contact with the pallet's three stop points, and locks the screen into place.


* Precise, repeatable registration from screen-to-screen

* Simple to set up and use, with sizes to fit most textile screen frames

* Double Tri-Loc allows two synchronized screens to be exposed simultaneously

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