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Cleaning up messy spray adhesive from your pallets is time-consuming, costly, and now unnecessary thanks to R Tape! By pre-covering your pallets with Pallet Protek(TM) and spraying the paper tape instead of the pallet, press clean-up simply involves removing and discarding the tape...making the entire process fast and easy!

Time-Saving and Productive

Because registration of multiple colors is critical, printers choose the best R Tape. You can save time and increase shop productivity by applying several layers of Pallet Protek(TM) tape to a pallet. Then when you need a clean sheet of pallet protection tape, just pull off the top layer. By marking the base layer with a large "X", a printer will be alerted that additional layers must be applied.

Clean and Easy Removal

Pallet Protek(TM) uses a natural rubber adhesive that resists solvents and high temperatures of flash curing. The adhesive system is designed to remove easily and cleanly without adhesive residue.


* Standard weight saturated Paper

* Heat resistant adhesive

* Reduce Cleanup time

* Fast Curing

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RT435016X100, RT435018X100, RT435020X100, RT435024X100

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