Royal Sovereign Rear Wind-Up Assembly - 65"

The Royal Sovereign Rear Wind Up assembly is an optional accessory designed for our 55" & 65" Cold Laminators and our 65" Thermal Laminators. This assembly will wind up long runs of material after laminating. Perfect for Vehicle Wrap applications or when long lengths of material are being laminated. No more having finished material falling to the floor where it could become kinked, scratched or damaged after the lamination process.


* Enables a single operator to easily perform roll-to-roll lamination by loading a roll of prints on the front of the laminator, laminating it as it goes through, and rewinding it on the back

* Keeps your graphic running straight through the laminator every time

* Faster, worry-free roll to roll lamination equals faster production time

* Rewinding your prints saves valuable shop space

* Perfect for long runs and vehicle graphics. Rewinding the laminated media onto the rear roll will keep the graphic clean for mounting or installation on your customer’s vehicle

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