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SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

About Nazdar B-535 Liquid Tape Primecoat Sealer

B-535 Liquid Tape is a two package adhesive system which serves many purposes in screen making. This low-priced, versatile product can be used as a fast fabric-to-frame adhesive, an effective screen sealant, and a permanent stencil blockout that greatly reduces screen preparation time.

B-535 Liquid Tape Preparation & Handling

B-535 Liquid Tape must be initiated with C-536 Catalyst prior to use. Thoroughly mix 2-ounces of C-536 per quart of B-535; or 8-ounces of Catalyst per gallon of B-535. After mixing, keep the solution stored airtight and cool to prevent gelation. Catalyzed Liquid Tape can be stored for approximately two weeks.

All personnel mixing and handling these products must wear gloves and eye protection. Clean up all spills immediately. If ink does come in contact with skin, wipe ink off with a clean, dry cloth (do not use solvent or flush solution). Wash the affected area with soap and water. Consult the Nazdar Safety Data Sheet for further instructions and warnings.

B-535 is a two part system that requires C-536 Primecoat Cure Agent. Click Here to purchase.

Nazdar B-535 Liquid Tape Applications

Fabric-to-Frame Adhesive:

Liquid Tape firmly bonds any screen fabric to primed wood and metal frames in only five minutes. Screens will not lose tension due to slippage after the adhesive has dried. Liquid Tape performs an integral part in the Chemlite/Stretch- Air Bar screen making process.

Screen Sealant:

When applied to the screen’s inside edge with a squeeze bottle, Liquid Tape serves as an excellent screen sealant. Liquid Tape can also be used to prolong the life of wood frames.

Stencil Blockout:

Apply Liquid Tape into the non-image area of the screen to act as a permanent blockout. Liquid Tape will remain intact during screen reclaiming and reprocessing so blocking is eliminated for the life of the screen.

See Technical Data Sheet for detailed information and use instructions.

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