ImageStar Silicone 3500 Series - Standard Colors




SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

The ImageStar Silicone 3500 RFU Textile Ink Series is a ready-for-use screen printing ink line developed for printing on performance and smooth polyester fabrics. This PVC free ink series exhibits superior elasticity and durability when printed on these demanding fabric types. The IMS3500 series consist of 23 standard colors which are catalyzed using the IMS2200 Silicone Catalyst. The IMS3500 series features low curing temperature which greatly reduces the potential for dye migration. The IMS3500 RFU Silicone Ink Colors are manufactured with a retarder addition to maximize the screen open time of the catalyzed product resulting in a very production-friendly printing ink that can run up to 6 hours with minimal screen drying issues.


  • Formulated for easy printing on both manual and automatic presses
  • Print on top of white flash plate for opacity on dark fabrics
  • Inks cure between 250 and 280 degree Fahrenheit
  • Inks exhibit outstanding elongation properties - up to 400%

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Product Disclaimer

Ink swatch colors are designed to help ordering and are an approximation only and should not be used for color matching.

Note: IMS2200 Catalyst MUST be used with ImageStar Silicone Series bases and RFU colors.

Item numbers available:

IMS3522003, IMS3522004, IMS3524003, IMS3524004, IMS3526003, IMS3526004, IMS3526203, IMS3526204, IMS3526403, IMS3526404, IMS3560003, IMS3560004, IMS3560203, IMS3560204, IMS3560403, IMS3560404, IMS3560603, IMS3560604, IMS3561003, IMS3561004, IMS3561203, IMS3561204, IMS3561403, IMS3561404, IMS3562003, IMS3562004, IMS3563003, IMS3563004, IMS3566203, IMS3566204, IMS3568003, IMS3568004, IMS3568203, IMS3568204, IMS3568403, IMS3568404, IMS3569203, IMS3569204, IMS3569403, IMS3569404, IMS3575003, IMS3575004, IMS3584003, IMS3584004, IMS3584203, IMS3584204

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