Sefar Basic Screen Printing Mesh


Thread Count per inch:




Woven with yarn that maintains Sefar quality standards, this market specific mesh upholds the requirements supporting the textile and ceramic industry. The SEFAR BASIC product line encompasses the mesh specifications most commonly used by textile printers (83-305 threads per inch with varying thread diameters), and is available in both yellow and white.


  • Designed and manufactured for t-shirts, textile and ceramic printing applications.

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4AP032100P142WJ, 4AP032100P158WJ, 4AP043080P142WJ, 4AP043080P142YJ, 4AP043080P158WJ, 4AP043080P158YJ, 4AP048070P142WJ, 4AP048070P158WJ, 4AP054064P142WJ, 4AP054064P158YJ, 4AP061064P115WJ, 4AP061064P142WJ, 4AP061064P142YJ, 4AP061064P158WJ, 4AP061064P158YJ, 4AP068055P158WJ, 4AP068055P158YJ, 4AP077055P158YJ, 4AP090048P142YJ, 4AP090048P158WJ, 4AP090048P158YJ, 4AP100040P142YJ, 4AP100040P158YJ, 4AP110040P158YJ, 4AP120034P142YJ, 4AP120034P158YJ, 4AP120040P158YJ

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