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SEF’s FlexTape Plus is a Polyester (PET) transfer tape, with a liner / carrier, designed to transfer Print & Cut heat transfer material to textiles. FlexTape’s special formulated adhesive is designed to remove printed graphics from its carrier and then at high temperatures, using a heat press, aid in the transfer of the printed graphic to the textile.


  • The polyester (PET) FlexTape Plus and adhesive withstands heat pressing cycles as long as 60 seconds up to 400°F (166°C). Testing required when exceeding 400F.
  • Protects the surface of printed heat transfer during the heat pressing process as well as during storage and transportation of the graphic.
  • Keeps multi-component graphics together during the transfer and pressing process.
  • Because of the sticky adhesive, FlexTape Plus minimizes the risk of the graphic moving after positioning on the textile before and during the heat pressing process.
  • The exceptional clarity aids in alignment of graphics when doing multi heat transfer overlays.
  • FlexTape Plus removes easily without any adhesive residue after the heat pressing process. Always refer to the printable film manufacturer’s recommendation for FlexTape’s removal, i.e. Hot, Warm or Cold Peel.
  • Note: FlexTape Plus transfer tapes work well with ALL brands and types of printable heat activated media, not just polyurethane films. Test prior to full production.
  • Shelf Life: FlexTape Plus has extended shelf-life when stored, up to and may exceed 2 years, in temperatures at or below 80F and not exposed to direct sun for extended periods of time

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