ImageStar Silicone Inks 3500 Ready For Use Color Card



ImageStar 3500 Series RFU Silicone Inks Color Card

The ImageStar Silicone 3500 RFU Textile Ink Series is a ready-for-use screen printing ink line developed for printing on performance and smooth polyester fabrics. This PVC free ink series exhibits superior elasticity and durability when printed on these demanding fabric types. The IMS3500 Series consist of 23 standard colors which are catalyzed using the IMS2200 Silicone Catalyst.


  • Perfect for 100% Polyester Fabrics: Features a very low curing temperature which greatly reduces the potential for dye migration. Also the perfect choice for printing on digital dye-sublimated camouflage performance wear.
  • Excellent Screen Open Time: Manufactured with a retarder addition to maximize the screen open time of the catalyzed product resulting in a very production-friendly printing ink that can run up to 6 hours with minimal screen drying issues.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Contains no PVC, phthalates, solvents, organotins, azo-dyes, or formaldehyde.
  • Convenient Packaging: Colors are stocked in quart and gallon containers.
  • Great Aesthetics: Soft, matte finish with very low to non-tack feel. Extreme elongation properties for elastic fabrics.
  • Excellent Printability: Prints through a wide range of mesh. 110-156 mesh is recommended for stretch and athletic apparel. 156-305 mesh can be used for fine detail.
  • Heat Resistant: The printed image can be ironed and will not melt.

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