ASPE Rapid Tag Screen Press

Rapid Tag Screen Press

The RapidTag is a high speed automatic screen printer that specializes in printing smaller images for promotional products and garments. While there are different printing techniques that would work well for private garment relabeling, there is only one solution available that makes it easier, faster and more cost effective than ever before!

This system allows any shop to quickly and cost-effectively re-label garments and promotional products like never before, performing all necessary steps on-board so there is no need for additional equipment. Rather than stopping or slowing down production on your screen printing equipment, you can now print all your labels (and for that matter, sleeve prints, on-the-pocket prints, nape of neck prints, bags, socks, gloves, napkins, can coolers, wristbands, etc. ) on a small, highly efficient setup.

Available in one to four colors, and up to ten stations, the RapidTag is completely customizable with a variety of pallets.

ASPE Rapid Tag Screen Press Features


  • Parts Sensor prevents printing when there is no item to print
  • Servo indexer
  • Adjustable stroke and flood speed
  • Squeegee angle adjustment
  • Stroke length adjustment
  • Parts counter
  • High density flash cure units
  • Dwell set up
  • Index speed set up
  • Curing time set up
  • Full color touch screen
  • 1 to 4 color stations with matching cure stations
  • Hat, flipping and unloading and napkin machines available


  1. Hoodie Bag Arms
  2. Fleece irons
  3. Frisbee pallets
  4. Sock pallets

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