Ultraflex Signetics Magnetic Receptive Media








Signetics™ Select is offered in three sizes to allow for seamless installation and increased throughput. The material has been designed with a smooth backside which eliminates scratches on prints when stacked or rolled. Signetics Select is ideal for high-traffic environments and is compatible for use with solvent, eco-solvent and UV inks. Available in roll sizes of 54”, 60” and 74” in lengths of 164’.


  • Up to 74" wide for seamless installations and increased thoroughput
  • Backwards compatible with existing magnet fixtures
  • Easy installation - roll it up and roll it on
  • Smooth backside eliminates scratches on prints when stacked or rolled up
  • No edge chipping - cuts smooth without delamination
  • Fingerprints and other minor blemishes are easily cleaned without residue
  • Optimized face-film for digital printing and superior ink adhesion
  • Great value significantly reduces freight and installation costs
  • Universal compatibility for eco-solvent, solvent and UV print equipment

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