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Caseys' Translucency is a high-quality vellum like paper designed for laser printers and copiers. Screen Printers use this laser printer output as a positive for burning screens. This is an inexpensive alternative to using a camera and film.

Why? Because Caseys' Translucency is less expensive than film and saves the cost of a camera. Caseys' is also more durable and more stable than other vellums, meaning it won't shrink and wreck your separations. Finally, Caseys' Translucency is designed specifically for use with laser printers and copiers and won't jam or damage your printer like cheaper drafting vellum.


* Pre-shrink: If you are using regular drafting vellum (not designed to withstand the heat of the laser printer) you may need to pre-shrink it by running it through a dryer. However, this isn't recommended nor required with Caseys' Translucency. Caseys' Translucency is shipped preshrunk and coated for stability.

* Pre-warm printer: To eliminate variations in separations, try warming your printer by sending two sheets of paper through before using the Translucency.

* Vacuum: If the Translucency is in registration but your screens are out of registration, try reducing the vacuum on your exposure table. Too much vacuum can stretch the Translucency.

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