CCI ProChem UHV-BLUE Photopolymer Pre-Sensitized Emulsion



SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

ProChemĀ® UHV-BLUE is an extremely high viscosity, one part, ready-to-use textile emulsion. It offers durability and image quality. Due to the product's high solids it yields a better coating, sharp edges, and excellent resolution. ProChemĀ® UHV-BLUE is pre-sensitized and does not require the addition of Diazo. This product saves time as it exposes very fast. Reclaiming the screen when using ProChemĀ® UHV-BLUE is easy with CCI Stencil Removers, which are available in concentrate and ready-to-use formulas.


* Blue Colored, also available in clear

* Ultra High Viscosity

* Ideal for High Density

* Virtually pinhole and fish eye free

* Extremely Durable for long print runs

* Outstanding resolution and edge definition

* 47% solids

* Viscosity - 20,000 cps

Product Disclaimer

Product should not be frozen.

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