Epson SureColor P800 Screen Print Edition | Screen Positive Film Printer



SureColor P800 Screen Print Edition

Epson SureColor P800 Screen Print Edition

Epson SureColor Screen Print Edition printers offer a versatile solution that allows you to create screen positive films, posters and photos all with the same printer. Create up to four 16" x 20" film positives per hour with the production-capacity engine.

Included In This Package:
  • Standard Epson SureColor P800 Printer

    - supported by Epson, with a 1-year limited warranty.

  • AccuRip Black Pearl SE Software Epson Edition

    - AccuRIP Black Pearl™ software allows you to create up to 17"-wide, high-quality screen positive film up to 65 lpi with precise details and halftone control for textile applications.

  • Full Roll of 17" Epson Screen Positive Film

    - Epson superior screen print film provides a consistent, reliable, positive film with an instant dry-coating that won't stick to the emulsion.

  • Full Set of Starter Ink Cartridges 64 ml

    - Epson® UltraChrome® HD pigment ink, developed and certified for use in screen printing applications up to a 4.0 Dmax, provides outstanding Black ink density.

  • Roll Media Holder

Epson UltraChrome HD Ink
  • All Pigment 8 Color Ink Solution
  • Instant Dry - Wont Stick to the Screen Emulsion Layer
  • Optimized for Use with Epson Screen Positive Film
  • Superior Reliability: Genuine Epson Ink Not a "Hacked" Ink Solution
  • Versatile ink that prints proofs, comps, photographic posters on standard paper
Epson Screen Positive Film
  • High Resolution Microporous Coating
  • 5.3 mil Thick PET Film Base
  • Available in rolls (17" / 24" / 36") or sheets (8.5" x 11" / 13" x 19")
  • Premium Quality Film at Production Grade Pricing
MicroPiezo Print Head Technology
  • Extreme Print Quality - Capable of prints up to 65 lpi and resolutions up to 2,880 x 1,440 dpi
  • Fast Print Speeds - True 720 dpi per color channel per single pass
  • Commercial Grade Reliability - Capable of high-volume printing with very little downtime for maintenance
AccuRip Black Pearl SE RIP Software
  • Superior Solids and Halftones
  • Advanced PostScript Engine that works with all the latest Adobe PostScript design software
  • Simple easy to use interface preconfigured for Epson Screen Print Editions and Epson Screen Positive Film
  • Current Channel Sells and Supports AccuRIP

Epson SureColor P800SP Screen Positive Film Printer Features:

  • UltraChrome HD Ink with unprecedented black density
  • Professional productivity with 9 80 mL high-capacity ink cartridges
  • Advanced media handling up to 17" wide with optional support for roll media
  • Advanced MicroPiezo AMC printhead
  • Advanced Black-and-White Mode for exhibition-quality neutral or custom-toned prints
  • Robust, modern, small footprint desktop design including a 2.7" tilting touch panel LCD
  • Wireless 802.11n / 100 Mbit Ethernet / USB 2.0

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