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Create High Density prints in any color using AXEON™ High Density (HD) Base 1841. Combine with Pigment Dispersions (UltraMix® Pigment Dispersion System) to create Pantone colors. HD Base 1841 can create sharp dimensional edges for raised prints and texture effects.


  • Mesh: 60-110 t/in (24-43t/cm)110-230 t/in (43-90 t/cm) monofilament recommended
  • Emulsion: Any direct or indirect capillary film between 200 to 400 microns. Thicker stencils allow for better control of ink deposit.
  • Squeegee: 70-80 Durometer, Soft edge
  • Cure Temp: 325ºF (163ºC). The efficiency of the oven and length of heat tunnel will determine dwell time. Dwell time should increase with a thick deposit.

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