CCI T-Charge Ready-For-Use Discharge Inks - Quart Starter Kit



SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

Sample T-CHARGE kits are available in either a quart kit or pint kit. Kits include Black, Process Blue, Blue 072, Reflex Blue, Rubine Red, Rhodamine Red, Green, Orange, Purple, Red 032, Warm Red, Violet and Yellow. Kit also includes D-Powder.

T-CHARGE is a bright, Ready-For-Use, discharge ink. It can be used straight from the container as a water-base ink or add D-Powder to discharge. The colors can be mixed together to match a wide range of shades according to CCI’s Color Matching System. T-CHARGE can be used in conjunction with other ink systems to produce multiple effects. T-CHARGE’s rheology and flow characteristics allow it to be printed with high mesh counts. This produces very fine image detail and a softer finish.


  • High Opacity
  • Extremely Bright And Crisp Colors
  • Low Odor
  • PVC & Phthalate Free
  • Superior Color / Wash Fastness
  • Easy to use - Medium Viscosity
  • Dry Cleaning / Ironing Resistant
  • Does not “Dry-Out” on the Screen
  • Long Pot Life / up to 24 Hours (Activated)
  • Easy Clean-Up
  • Recommend Mesh / Fabric = 110.80 to 230.48 t/in

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Ink swatch colors are designed to help ordering and are an approximation only and should not be used for color matching.

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