PolyOne-Wilflex Epic PFX99951 Epic Intense Kosmic Glo Ink



SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

Wilflex Glo/Phosphorescent inks are specially formulated non-phthalate inks producing high intensity, phosphorescent, glow-in-the-dark effects. Kosmic Glo inks provide high intensity and maintain a long duration. Phosphorescent inks provide high intensity for a shorter duration. The inks can be used as stand-alone inks, straight out of the container or integrated with other inks to create a super "glow" effect.


  • Use as a highlight in the graphic image.
  • Can be used to produce high intensity phosphorescent glow effects with long lasting afterglow.
  • Excellent wash properties.

Glow duration and intensity are listed from longest/brightest to shortest/lightest:

  • 99951PFX Epic Intense Kosmic Glo
  • 61223PC Kosmic Glo Powder
  • 99950PFX Epic Kosmic Glo
  • 61220PC Excite Yellow Powder
  • 99900PFX Epic Phosphorescent.

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PFX9995104, PFX9995105

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