Kiwo KiwoDur 1100 PowerGrip Adhesive Hardener



SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

KIWODUR 1100 POWERGRIP is a dyed hardener for KIWOBOND 1100 POWERGRIP giving the adhesive mixture a strong red color. A visual control of the applied adhesive quantity is therefore possible.

Use with KiwoBond PowerGrip 1100 Frame Adhesive.

  • BASIS: Polyisocyanate, containing solvents
  • COLOUR: Red, transparent
  • SOLIDS CONTENT: Approx. 40%
  • DENSITY: Approx. 1,03 g/cm3
  • FLASH POINT: Approx. -4°C
  • HEALTH HAZARDS: KIWODUR 1100 PowerGrip is quite thin fluid and may spatter when opening the can
  • ENVIRONMENTAL: and pouring out the hardener, therefore necessarily wear suitable protective
  • PROTECTION: clothes and goggles, both when preparing and when applying the product.
  • STORAGE: 1 year (at 20 – 25°C in original container). KIWODUR 1100 PowerGrip is sensitive to humidity and must therefore be stored in the tightly closed original container. Avoid storage at higher temperatures.

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