EFI H1625-SD Wide Format Printer

Produce thermoforming applications super fast and super efficient with the EFI™ H1625-SD printer and EFI SuperDraw UV Inks. Widen your margin opportunity and shorten your time to market by printing direct to formable substrates. The digital efficiencies and near-photographic image quality of the EFI H1625-SD wide-format printer make direct print thermoforming super easy.


  • Mode: 4C Ultra -- DPI: 600 -- Smoothing: High -- Speed: 40 ft2/hr
  • Mode: 4C -- DPI: 600 -- Smoothing: High -- Speed: 65 ft2/hr
  • Mode: 4C -- DPI: 600 -- Smoothing: Low -- Speed: 120 ft2/hr
  • Mode: 4C -- DPI: 300 -- Smoothing: None -- Speed: 247 ft2/hr


  • 65 inch (1.6 meter) widths direct to a wide range of thermoformable plastics
  • Eliminates costly and time-consuming screen or hand painting processes, or pre-printing and laminating to formable plastics
  • Four colors plus white standard and eight-level variable drop grayscale printing capability delivers near-photographic image quality
  • Two dedicated channels of white and multi-layer printing capability for superior post-draw opacity, ideal for backlit applications
  • EFI SuperDraw UV Inks offer outstanding elongation characteristics, excellent adhesion, and consistent post-draw opacity – all while withstanding forming, heating, stretching, cracking, and chipping
  • Production-level printer, with productivity up to 247 ft2/hr (23 m2/hr) in single layer quality mode, allows you to take on higher-volume corrugated plastic sign jobs or deliver fast turnarounds on custom thermoforming applications

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