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MagnaPrint® AquaFlex V2 Range is a high solids water based ink for printing on light or coloured backgrounds. It has been designed to give excellent print performance and open time on high mesh screens.

Magna Print® Aqua Flex White V2- is a ready to print opaque white paste. This can be used as underbase or highlight white, or pigmented to achieve pastel shades. MagnaPrint AquaFlex Neutral V2 - is a ready made clear base for strong, bright shades.


Printing is best undertaken using 32 - 77 (86-280) mesh screens with rectangular profile squeegees on preheated pallets (70°C / 186°F). Use lower mesh count for underbase or large, fully open areas and higher for top colours or thin lines, fine details and halftones. If printing large areas flash units may be required after each colour.
Always use 3-4mm off contact and print top colours in one stroke to achieve a surface print. After printing the garment/panel should be dried and ideally cured for one and a half minutes at  6S°C (330°F).

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MCTD6654K120, MCTD6654K30, MCTD6654K5

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