Wilflex Epic Halftone Base

Nazdar has been informed that we have been placed on allocation by Avient Specialty Inks as a result of the supply chain disruptions the industry is facing. Avient has been working diligently on their ability to meet demand and has a dedicated team of procurement, supply chain and logistics professionals focused on these challenges. Due to this allocation Nazdar is forced to limit the orders of Avient Wilflex and Specialty Ink products by allocating customer orders placed starting August 11th, 2021. This is administered by limiting monthly orders to a revised level of 100% of a customer’s average sales between January and July of 2021. Orders can only be placed if you have received Avient product in calendar year 2021 and will be subject to the allocation. If you have not received Avient product this year, you will not be eligible for the allocation and will not be able to place an order for Avient products, but are encouraged to purchase any of the other brands we offer.

If you have received Avient product in 2021 you will be eligible for the allocation and please use the “Reorder / Product History” tab from My Account.

Wilflex Epic Halftone Base is a non-phthalate ink designed to produce Process and Fluorescent colors.

Epic Halftone Base can be colored using Epic PCs, Epic EQs and Epic MX to create multiple color variations.

  • Satin or matte finish.
  • Excellent flash properties.
  • Will not dry in the screen.
  • Prints easily through recommended meshes.


  • Recommended for use with Epic Inks at 10% max by weight.
  • For cotton fabrics, underbase with 11335PFW Epic Sprint White.
  • For bleed resistance, use an underbase white such as 11835PFW Epic Quick White, 11117PFW Epic Polywhite, or 11195PFW Epic Athletic LB White.

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PFXHB1000004, PFXHB1000005

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