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White Plastisol Ink: Wilflex Top Score

Wilflex EPIC Top Score LC White is a high performance low bleed white ink aimed for polyester sports apparel and team sports number market. Use in combination with the Top Score pre-mix athletic colors for a solution to printing polyesters substrates that require low cure temperature.

Tips for Printing with EPIC 2200 Top Score LC White Ink

  • Use a printing technique to assure a good ink deposit to maximize bleed resistance properties 
  • EPIC Top Score LC White is a low bleed ink. For challenging fabrics using sublimation dyes, a bleed blocking underbase such as EPIC Performance Underbase Gray or EPIC Echo Underbase Gray may be required 
  • Adjust flash cure temperature and dwell time so ink is just dry to touch. Avoid excessive flash temperatures to protect fabric and migration of dyes. Depending on flash unit, a 2 - 3 second flash is adequate. If surface is hot and tacky, the ink film has been over flashed. Reduce temperature or time to prevent an inter-coat adhesion problem 
  • Curing is a time and temperature process, a lower oven temperature setting with a slower belt speed while maintaining recommended ink cure temperature is always best to protect fabric, control dye migration and reduce energy consumption 
  • EPIC Top Score LC White can be cured up to 320°F (160°C) with minimal loss in bleed resistance

Wilflex EPIC 2200 Top Score White Plastisol Highlights

  • Excellent bleed resistance at a wide temperature range
  • High Opacity, excellent coverage, improved stretch
  • Low cure, save energy, reduce bleed defects
  • Fast flashing, no after-flash tack
  • Bright white with matte finish
  • Easy to print on both auto and manual presses

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