AIT 6572-60 Sheet Fed or Roll-to-Roll Rotary Heat Transfer Printer

The 6572-60 (24'' dia. drum), has a belt speed of approximately 6 fpm with 40 second dwell time in the heat for digital printing applications.

The AIT 6572-60 is specifically designed for high production, off-set printing of apparel and other industries that require cut part, engineered prints. A new self contained, oil heated drum system assures uniform heat across the width of the cylinder and the lowest possible power consumption. AIT oil heated drum systems use 50% less electric power than all electric machines.

AIT rotary heat presses with the new oil heated drum system will increase production, reduce seconds, and save on energy costs. High productivity, quality engineering design and conscientious after-the sale service are all good reasons for investing with AIT for all needs in dye-sub printing or textile dye fixation The 6572-60 (24” drum), has a belt speed of approximately 7 fpm at a 20 second time in the heat which is typical for off-set printing applications.


  • Oil heated drum system that is fully contained and requires no pumps or rotary union joints while delivering perfectly controlled heat
  • 2-mode loading conveyor which runs continuously or intermittently
  • 77" wide belt
  • 3 unwinds & 3 rewinds allow roll-to-roll fabric printing
  • Light weight aluminum body air shafts
  • Rewinds are independently controlled and have both speed and air clutch adjustability for maximum control
  • Safety reversing lanyard across the entire entrance provides safety and assistance in loading the machine
  • Air stripper bar is used for perfect separation of sheeted transfer paper and the cut fabric part and eliminates seconds caused from paper movement and fabric shrinkage at the point of exit
  • Exit conveyor system
  • Automatic cool down system

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