Insta Graphic Heat Transfer Press 228




The Insta 228 Manual Swing-Away machine has proven to be a true customer favorite. When disengaged, the Insta 228’s upper platen swings almost a full 180° to the right - leaving the lower platen completely free from constraints. Load your garments and place your transfers with ease thanks to the unobstructed access to the exposed lower platen that this press provides you. Our manual heat press machine allows you to use your personal professional touch and instincts on every product you make. Many facilities prefer the Insta 228 and use it as a commercial heat press for making large quantities of garments without sacrificing quality.


  • Best return on investment for an affordable entry level press
  • Made of cast aluminum for maximum durability
  • Pressure adjustment scale – goes from 0 – 10
  • Integrated digital controller which features controls for time, temperature (Fahrenheit or Centigrade) and cycle counter
  • Protective heat shroud
  • UL, CuL and CE approved. RoHS/WEE compliant
  • 15” x 20” platen (38 x 50 cm)
  • Swing away upper platen = unobstructed access to lower platen
  • Adjustable gap opening of 2.75” to print up to .375” thick substrates

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