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Acoma's powerful infrared heat panel with solid-state dwell controller and temperature control dial provide consistent heat settings from job-to-job. Acoma's lightweight makes it easy to wheel around the shop. Its adjustable stand and panel assembly has 120 degree swivel movement to provide clearance for even oversized pallets. Acoma features foot-pedal/timer control for smooth, easy operation and consistent repeatability. It's the best manual-only flash cure system available.

<h2>SPECIFICATIONS:</h2><ul><li>Curing Area: 18" x 18" &amp; 22" x 24"</li><li>Mount: Freestanding</li><li>Heat Source: Infrared</li></ul><h2>FEATURES &amp; BENEFITS</h2><ul><li>120 Degree Swivel: Clearance for oversized pallets</li><li>Foot pedal or timer control: Versatility </li><li>Forced air through the panel: Consistent temperature across the pallet</li><li>2 Year Limited Warranty</li></ul>
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