M&R Economax D Electric Textile Dryer - Demo Sale

Easy to own and economical to operate, Economax D is the ultimate affordable, space-saving textile dryer. It's available in 61 cm (24") belt widths. Not only does it have the highest production capacity in its class, it's also the most energy efficient. Heavy-duty thermal insulation prevents heat from migrating into the workplace, while CoolSkin technology leaves the dryer skin cool to the touch. Fast cure rates and high product throughput maximize dryer capacity and minimize per-unit cost.


  • Chamber Length: 6’ - 10’
  • Conveyor Width: 24”
  • Ink Type: Plastisol & Water
  • Heat Source: Electric (IR)


  • CE & UL Compliant: Safe consistent construction
  • Height adjustable IR Panels: Versatility
  • Fuzzy Logic Controller & Cool Skin Technology: Low cost of Ownership
  • Auto Shutdown: Longer belt life
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
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