BBC Industries Legacy Manual Textile Press

With its revolutionary floating print head design, unrivaled precision, and rugged construction, The BBC Legacy is undoubtedly the world’s best and most profitable manual screen printing press. Whether you choose a 4 color to 12 color, the Legacy will blow you away with its effortless rotation of both the print heads and platen arms. Utilizing 2 sets of ultra-industrial tapered baring’s, lathe turned center shaft and heavy wall aluminum platen arms the Legacy is built for a lifetime of printing. Want efficiency? Its non-linked micros will make setting up your next job a breeze and will eliminate the headache of skewing images you’ve experienced using other brands traditional micro systems. With the Legacy you get true left or right, in or out movement drastically cutting setup time and increasing profitability. Want flexibility? Easily change Platen sizes or type with the Legacy’s quick release system. Have an automatic press? Simply add the Legacy Platen adapter and begin using platens from many popular automatic presses. Join the revolution and print your Legacy.

  • Colors: 4 to 12
  • Stations: 4 to 10
  • Standard Screen Size: 24" x 31"
  • Maximum Screen Size: 28" x 31"
  • Air: Not Required
  • Dual Gate Registration:
    The Only press in the Industry to use this 2 point registration system which is why it is the only press in the industry that will never get sloppy with age. 2 Point registration system, now that is a game changer.
  • Floating Print Head:
    The BBC Legacy is a true “All Arms Down Machine.” Other machines claim this feature but get sloppy after this feature is used due to the lack of precision that this feature requires. Enter the BBC floating Print head. This features disengages the print head from the center of the machine and automatically centers the head on each print arm perfectly, every time. The floating print head also allows for multiple printers at once without effecting each others prints as the print head is disengaged and not effected by movement of other print heads.
  • Non-linked Micro Registration:
    Gone are the days of dealing with skewing screens when dialing in registration. The Legacy’s non linked micro registration gives you true left and right, or in and out motion to drastically shorten setup and increase efficiency and profitability. The spring loaded micros have no lash and you will never go back.

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