One Step Papers TexiTrans CP100 Cold Peel Digital Textile Transfer Paper








Product Information
  • Complete 99% release of toner and ink from transfer paper
  • Designed for cold peel
  • Manufactured using the finest quality base paper for superior aesthetic purposes at 50% ERH (± 5 gm²)
  • Prints in cylinder and rotary screen printing presses
  • Prints in offset presses (use litho transfer inks ; reverse colors), and white backing is applied via screen print
  • Single side coated, backside treated for anti-static (packaging indicates printed side)
  • Excellent aging properties giving transfer longer shelf-life
  • Works with powdered adhesives
  • Leaves a nice Satin finished texture
  • The most competitive price in the market! Completely guaranteed
  • Stocked in sizes: 12.5” x 12.5”, 12.5” x 19”, 14” x 16” and 25” x 38”. Other custom sizes possibly available upon request


  • Basis Weight: 100 gm² ± 5 gm²
  • Coating Weight: 1.0 gm² ± 1 gm²
  • Caliper: 100 ± 10 µm
  • 75º Gloss: 20 ± 3%
  • Sheet Width & Length: = 0.5 mm
  • Sheet Reel Curl: negative across grain = 4%
  • Sheet Down Grain Shape:
         = 4% Negative down to (When measured at equilibrium RH)
         = 1% Positive down (Using a Calibrated ambient hygrometer)
  • Pre-Shrinking Temperature: 265º – 315º F *
    *suggested temperatures may vary for each press and dryer, depending on variables such as speed and length of dryers
  • Curing Temperature: 285º - 315º F *
    *contact ink manufacturer for recommended Temp as manufacturers may vary in mesh size, temperature and speed of dryers
  • Transfer Temperature: 245º - 365º F *
    *contact ink and or powder adhesive manufacturer for recommended Temp as manufacturers may vary
  • Transfer Pressure: 30 - 60 lbs *
    * pressure depends on type of material transferring onto
  • Peeling: Cold

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