MagnaColours MagnaPrint Base Starter Kit



MagnaPrint has pushed boundaries in every direction to develop their base range, and each product excels in the job it has been designed to do. Which means you have everything you need to excel at what you do. 

Each Starter Kit Includes:

  • 1000g Discharge base AB AW 
  • 1000g Discharge White AB AW
  • 1000g HB Neutral 
  • 1000g HB Opaque 
  • 1000g Aquaflex V2 Neutral 
  • 1000g Aquaflex V2 White 
  • 150g Yellow HR
  • 150g Yellow HG
  • 150g Red HB 
  • 150g Green HB
  • 150g Fluorescent Yellow
  • 150g Black NGN 
  • 150g Fluorescent Orange 
  • 150g Fluorescent Red 
  • 150g Fluorescent Pink
  • 150g Fluorescent Blue 
  • 150g Fluorescent Green 
  • 150g Fluorescent Violet
  • 150g Violet H4B
  • 150g Blue HB 
  • 150g Blue HG 
  • 150g Navy HR
  • 150g Orange HO
  • 150g Pink
  • 150g White
  • 120g (2x60gams)Activator AB
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